Paleo/Archaeo Astronomy at the Grave Creek Mound?

This site is a "virtual scratch pad" for an ongoing inquiry into whether Archaeo Astronomy, or Paleo Astronomy
may have been an important element of the ancient history of the Grave Creek, WV. area.

The working hypothesis is that there are "apparent" alignments among the various mounds and other earthworks, suggesting that a thorough analysis with the technology presently at hand might give evidence of a sophisticated knowledge of celestial objects and events, as evidenced by an interelated complex of mounds and other earthworks.

A collection of resources relating to possible "ancient astronomy" among the "Mound Builders" in the Ohio Valley region.

Grave Creek Mound Historic Site

Schoolcraft Map of the Grave Creek area
School Craft Map with some lines added...
Solar Alignments?
Lunar Alignments?
Topo map of Moundsville, WV area
1994 Aerial Photo of Moundsville, WV area
The Grave Creek Stone
Grave Creek Symbols, astronomical text?
Grave Creek Mound, built by Cherokees?
The Center for Archaeoastronomy  University of Maryland
Center for Advanced Spatial Technology (CAST)
North American Database of Archaeological Physics NADAG
ISAAC  International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture
West Virginia Archaeological Society

Archaeological Society of Ohio Website
Fort Ancient...Sun, Moon alignments
Fort Ancient

Archeological Society of Virginia
Archaeological Society of Maryland, Inc.

Ancient Monuments in Arkansas:  Martha Ann Rolingson

Hopewell Lunar Astronomy: The Octagon Earthworks by Joseph M. Knapp

View of Near Total Eclipse, as seen from The Octagon Earthworks 5-10-1994

View of Near Total Eclipse, as seen from Grave Creek Mound, 5-10-1994

Solstice Alignments at North American Mound Sites

Aboriginal Star Knowledge  Native American Astronomy

The SolMar Project... Solar Markers and Petroglyphs...

Site design for "The SunWheel Project" at the University of Massachussetts

Ancient Eclipse Paths At The Serpent Mound by William F. Romain

Featured Links (from

Mysteries of the Hopewell Astronomers, Geometers, and Magicians of the Eastern Woodlands by William F. Romain

Reference to Earthworks in the Ohio Valley by Thomas H. Robertson in Vol VI, Archaeoastronomy Journal

Your Sky, the interactive planetarium of the Web
Sunrise, Moundsville...June 21st, 500 A.D.
Sunrise, Moundsville...December 21st, 500 A.D.
Sunrise, Moundsville...March 21st, 500 A.D.
Sunrise, Moundsville...September 21st, 500 A.D.

Moundsville, WV (US): 39n55, 80w45,   Look Up Latitude and Longitude

Home Planet by John Walker

"search term" Archaeo Astronomy

Archaeo-astronomy links... excellent group of resources by Ian Townend

Archaeoastronomy and Stonehenge Links, another excellent group of links by Nicole Denae Stolpa

Paleo-astronomy in Sardinia... Relating to Western megaliths, Stonehenge etc.
Astroarcheologia - Archeologia in Sardegna

A reference to International Conference held at Cambridge in 1997
"Paleoastronomy: Sky and Mankind"


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